Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier Club

Of Southern California

General Meeting

December 2, 2012

The meeting was held at the Long Beach Yacht Club, in Long Beach, California.

The meeting was called to order at 7:45 p.m.

Roll Call:

A quorum was present.  Attending were MJ Carr, Rose Clime, Jim and Karla Cohen, Michael DeCarlo, Jeanine Flavell, Myrna Flavell, Vickie Gosnell, Miriam Kahan, Connie Koehler, Ann Leigh, Susan Sakauye, Cecily Skinner, Marilyn Smith, Lauren Smith, Doug and Naomi Stewart, Bonney Snyder, and Beverly Streicher, (all regular members): Jon and Kathy Apogee, Debbie Bowen, Linda Fussel, Hunter Gill, Pat and Dennis Hetherington, Nancy Mundorf, Kevin and Donna O’Connor, Sandra Lightner, Ken Skinner, Maurine Stuart, Conrad Virant and Laura Virant (associate members).  Kay Baird was a guest, attending her third meeting.  Our other guests were Gay Dunlap attending her second meeting, and an unreadable guest signature.

Minutes of the September meeting:

Approved as submitted, with the addition of Jill and Steve Steging attending.

Report of the Secretary:

There was no significant correspondence to report.

Report of the Treasurer:

Now that all the expenses have been factored in, Fun Day broke even.  The sales of the soft goods are going well; the vests especially are being snapped up.

Category Beginning Balance Income Expenses Ending Balance
Rescue 27,3775.21           0.00    236.89 27,138.32
General Fund      6,447.00 2,638.96 2,707.30    6,378.66
Sub Total   33,822.21 33,516.98
Cash Box        250.00       250.00
Total   34,072.21 2,638.96 2,944.19 33,766.98


Report of the Rescue Chair:

Beverly and her Committee rescued thirteen Wheatens this year.  There were many more occasions where committee members went out to see dogs who were judged not to be Wheatens upon inspection, or could not be rescued do to temperament issues.  Beverly stepped up and steered our rescue program though its transition from a one-person operation to its current structure today as an efficient committee.  This club owes her a great deal, and Connie presented Beverly with a retirement gift to express our thanks.  Tonight marks Beverly’s retirement, Connie Koehler will succeed her.


Connie called Jon Apogee to the podium to received a presentation gift for the tremendous time he has generously poured into the transformation of the Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier of Southern California website.  A recent improvement to the site was the expansion of our use of Pay Pal.  This is transforming our Boutique sales, and is now an option to pay membership dues.  The first membership renewal via Pay Pal has already been received.

Greeting Cards

Miriam Kahan has reported that two cards have gone out; to Ann Warren for the death of a beloved Wheaten, and a get-well card to Joan Johnson.

Great Western Theme Contest

The winner of the first Great Western Theme Contest was Ann Leigh, whose idea is “Let the Sun Shine In”.  Ann will receive a free dinner Saturday night at Great Western’s “Dinner on the Green.”


Except for Merrillee Ford and Anna Marzolino who were unable to attend tonight, Connie presented each of the board members with a gift thanking the outgoing board of 2012 for their contributions during the past year.

Installation of the new Officers and Directors for 2013

There being only one nomination for each office, the current President proclaimed them elected by acclamation.  Secretary Jeanine Flavell cast the deciding vote.  The new board will be:

President – Bonney Snyder

Vice President – Steve Steging

Secretary – Jeanine Flavell

Treasurer – Vickie Gosnell

Member at Large – Miriam Kahan

Member at Large – Ann Leigh

Member at Large – Cecily Skinner

Connie Koehler pasted the gavel to new president Bonney Snyder.  Bonney announced that the Great Western Co-chairs are retiring, along with much of their team.  She thanked Karla Cohen, Merrillee Ford, Mike and Marilyn Smith for all their hard work over the years.

Bonney thanked Connie for her hard work and many accomplishments during her term, including updating our financial records, finishing the work begin by Carol Martin to bring the Club’s finances into compliance with current federal and state law, creating a regional rescue team, promoting the Club’s website revolution, creating the possibility for conference calls for some of the board’s meetings, restoring the health of the Club’s general fund, and turning around the declining membership numbers.

New Business

This year Great Western will be co-chaired by Ann Leigh and new member Kay Baird.

The End of Year Potluck will be brought back on Sunday at the Costa Mesa show, December 9th.

The first Board Meeting of the year will be January 13, 2013, and the first General Meeting will be January 22, 2013 at the Spitfire Grill in Santa Monica.



Certificates of Participation were presented to all those who took part in the Pet Expo at the Costa Mesa Fairgrounds in April 2012, helping to make it the great success that it was.

A motion to adjourn was made, seconded, and passed.  The meeting was adjourned at 8:30 p.m.

Jeanine Flavell


Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier Club of Southern California