Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier Club

Of Southern California

General Meeting

February 21, 2012

The meeting was held at the home of Beverly and Eli Streicher.  Connie Koehler called the meeting to order at 8:00 pm., after Bonney Snyder’s presentation of the SCWTCA Conformation Assessment Program.

Roll Call

A quorum was present.  Attending were Karla Baer Cohen, Jeanine Flavell, Myrna Flavell, Vicki Gosnell, Miriam Kahan, Connie Koehler, Bonney Snyder, Beverly Streicher, and Jackie Whitham (all regular members): Debbie Bowen and Laura Virant (associate members.)

Minutes of the last meeting

Approved as submitted, with the exception of the final balance of the Treasury.

Report of the President

See Presidents Report – attached

Report of the Secretary

Dr. Vandra Huber returned her signed judging contract for Great Western 2012.

Report of the Treasurer:

Difficulties stemming from the transition of the position of treasurer continue to be addressed.  Vickie Gosnell and Connie Koehler will be focusing on resolving these issues.

Rescue Report:

Beverly presented the new Rescue poster board  which will be displayed at Great Western and the Pet Expo.  Jackie and Marv Whitham guided Shaggy, a healthy ten year old, from turn-in to placement.  There is a male in the Mission Viejo shelter.

Roxanna Springer would like help placing two of her dogs, Daisy an eight-year-old champion and a six-month-old male.  This would not be a standard rescue situation, rather assisting a longtime SCWTCSC member in an exceptional situation.

Laura Virant reported that non-club members have been uploading photos and stories of dogs in shelters to our Facebook page, which is attached to our website, instead of posting in the rescue section of the website.  As neither our technology or rescue teams had known; and as this is not how rescue was set up to operate, no one has been responding to these posts.  Connie Koehler will confer with Jon Apogee about the potential of making our Facebook page a read only site.  Laura Virant will monitor our Facebook page for us in the future.

Ways and Means Committee:

Bonney Snyder reported on items for the online boutique.  Beth Babos has sent us camera-ready images for the logos, as well as for our club publications.  Camel colored thread will be used for the embroidery on the jackets and fleece vests, which will feature dark material.  Bonney and Ann Leigh have selected coffee mugs, spoon rests and salt and peppershakers for Darci Olsen’s designs.


Jackie Whitham reported on 2012 membership renewals.  To date there has been 52 renewals, and one new Associate member this month.

Greeting Cards:

Two cards were sent out this month.

  • Bernie Barron died of lung cancer
  • Susan Clark for the loss of her Wheaten

Great Western Planning:

Jon Apogee, Karla Cohen, and Connie Koehler have been working on the postcards, which will have all the essential information, key deadlines, and dates on them.  The more detailed information traditionally mailed on the flyers will now be available exclusively online.

Connie Koehler submitted an advertisement for GWTA to be included in the NCTA catalog.

Merrillee Ford and Marilyn Smith will  oversee hospitality for two breakfasts, on Saturday and Sunday, and one lunch.  Caterers will be hired to cover lunches on Saturday and Sunday.  Tickets will be available to purchase for $15.00 a day for each of the three days from the SCWTCSC to cover breakfast and lunch expenses.

A motion was made, seconded and passed for the membership to spend $350.00 on the SCWTCSC’s raffle grand prize, which will be a get-away in Cambria, California.

Great Western Budget:

Projected expenses were presented for membership review, based on the historical expenses taken from the records of the last five years.  A motion was make, seconded, and passed to accept the draft budget for Great Western as presented, with the addition of an amendment to add $1.00 per person per day to the meal costs.   The final budget, as approved, totals $10,930.00.

The membership discussed which volunteers, if anyone, would  be hosted by the club for meals during Great Western weekend without purchasing a ticket.

A motion was made, seconded, and approved that Merrillee Ford, her sister Lesley, Carol Carlson, Marilyn Smith, and both ring stewards will not need to purchase meal tickets.  In addition, the SCWTCSC will provide up to three more free meals, as needed, to be approved by the club President, Connie Koehler, or by the show-chair, Karla Cohen.


Last February’s event at Judy Vanderford’s ranch was so successful that another date for her “University course for Wheaten herding” is being discussed.


By-Laws Revision Committee:

As of the February General Meeting, three members have accepted.  They are Vickie Gosnell, Anna Marzolino, and Merrillee Ford.  A volunteer, who is both a regular member, but not a member of the Board, is being sought.

Speakers for Future Meetings:

The topic for the May Meeting will be the AKC Therapy Dog Title and local Wheaten teams who perform therapy work; Mary Lindquist and Miriam Kahan will be involved in the presentation.

 Grooming Seminar:

Beverly Streicher will chair the April 1, 2012, seminar, Debbie Bowen agreed to co-chair.  The location is Twelve Oaks assisted-living residence in La Crescenta.


Pet Expo:

Rose Clime and Laura Virant have constructed a sign-up sheet, which was passed around for the first time.  Another call for volunteers will be emailed closer to the date of the Pet Expo.

A motion to adjourn was made, seconded, and passed.  The meeting was adjourned at 10:00 p.m.

Jeanine Flavell
Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier Club of Southern California


February, 2012; Connie Koehler

  • 2013 Specialty Judging Panel Contract Letters Status

Queries have been sent to Clay Coady and Cindy Vogels regarding their judging fees for their 2013 assignments.  There has been no response yet, so they were e-mailed a reminder this month.  Once I hear from them, I will pass the information on to Jeanine, so that she can prepare their respective contracts.  [No change; I will pursue further]

  • By-Laws Committee

A regular, non-board member who was asked to serve on the By-Laws Revision Committee has not responded to the board’s solicitation, as discussed at the January general meeting.  In order to begin the committee’s business, at the February general meeting I will seek a non-board volunteer to join board members Merrillee Ford, Vickie Gosnell, and Anna Marzolino on the committee.

  • Herding

Herding returned to SCWTCSC with the club’s fifth herding event since 2006, held on Sunday, Feb. 12, at Judy Vanderford’s ranch in Lake View Terrace.  Our entry of 11 dog/handler teams made up a full house, with a number of spectators for good measure.  Jann Lane was our event photographer, and will have photos coming our way soon that will be posted in the website Photo Gallery.

Judy conducted a comprehensive, six-hour workshop to get our Wheaten teams ready for AKC herding tests and trials.   She introduced the participants to basic herding techniques, with the aid of her Belgian Tervurens and Border Collies, and outlined the various AKC tests and trials in which titles can be earned.  Next, Judy evaluated each dog on basic instinct and instructed both dog and owner in introductory maneuvers in a small corral with four sheep.  All teams passed with flying colors.

After lunch, Ron Hetherington and his Ch. Claddagh’s Star-Studded Ceili JHD (Ceili) demonstrated the AKC Herding Tested (HT) course in a 100’ x 100’ arena.  Finally, Judy explained in detail the Pre-Trial Tested (PT) and Herding Started (HS) courses, and allowed volunteers to take their dogs on lead and off lead through the HT and PT courses in her large sand arena where she holds HS trials.  About three of the dogs appeared ready to pass the PT test with some training.  We ended on that very high note to a thoroughly successful day from start to finish.  Many thanks go to Viviana and Ron Hetherington, event chairs, for their efficient planning and enthusiasm.

February 17, 2012