Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier Club

Of Southern California

General Meeting

July 24, 2011


Meeting was held at the home Bonney and Chuck Snyder, Thousand Oaks, CA.

Roll Call

A quorum was present. Attending were Debbie Bloom, Rose Clime, Jeanine Flavell, Miriam Kahan, Connie Koehler, Cecily Skinner, Bonney Snyder, Jill Steging, Steve Steging, Beverly Streicher, Barbara Zapf (all regular members);  Jon Apogee, Kathy Apogee, Debbie Bowen, Merrilee Ford, Vickie Gosnell, Nancy Graves (Associate members).

Minutes of the last meeting

Minutes of the last meeting were approved as submitted.

Report of the President

Items included in the President’s report for July were deferred for discussion under Unfinished and New Business (Fun Day and Supported Entries).

Report of the Secretary

Jackie Whitham asked Connie to report that letters were sent to all GWTA specialty judges, and she has been receiving a large volume of e-mails with some club requests. Report of the Treasurer

Report of the Treaurer: The following figures were announced:

Beginning Balance as of May 9: $32,046.38

Income between May 9 and July 12: $9,721.50

Expenses between May 9 and July 12: $7,900.12

Ending Balance as of July 12, 2011: $33,867.76

Of the above amount, $25,548.02 is Rescue which leaves $8,069.74 in the regular fund.

The treasurer also gave a summary of GWTA monies:

Income: $10,868.50

Expenses: $9,602.57

Profit: $1,265.73; one more rebate check from GWTA is expected approximately 9/2011.

Analysis: This year’s profit is similar to 2010; that was a Roving specialty year, in which  net income is typically higher than other years.

Some additional GWTA highlights:

Raffle had a net profit of $2,390.27 (the grand-prize, gold bracelet, alone brought in approximately $740.00).

Hospitality revenues garnered $1760.00, while expenses totaled $216.79.

GWTA was paid $622.50 for coffee and ice. A prior club credit offset the cost of coffee.


Beverly Streicher reported that there was a possibility that two Wheatens would be coming into the club’s rescue. One is 9.5 years old. The family is getting a divorce. A second young female who is on daily medications for urinary incontinence may also be coming in.

Beverly suggested that a standing rule be passed to enable the rescue coordinator to spend up to $1000.00 to cover training or medical expenses.  Bev consulted with the former rescue chair and health chair. She would like a pre-determined list of contacts to help in making time-critical decisions. It was decided that she should consult with the two rescue co-chairs: Anna Marzolino and Jeanine Flavell.

A motion was made to authorize the rescue chair to expend $1000.00 for surgery or training for a single rescue dog, at his/her discretion without additional approval from the club.  A discussion ensued on the issue of complex medical decisions being left in the hands of the Rescue Chair.  An amended motion was passed to grant the rescue chair the authority to spend up to $1,000.00 on medical care or training for a single rescue case after consulting with one other member of the rescue committee or the SCWTCSC president.

Great Western 2012and 2013

2012:  A judge remains to be selected for independent specialty held on Friday of GWTA weekend.  Frandel Brown has already been approved as the Sunday specialty judge.  The club will nominate a slate in September and vote in October. The Roving judge is being voted on by SCWTCA, with ballots due August 1, 2011.

2013 specialty judges also need to be selected. We will nominate in September and vote in October simultaneously with the choice for the 2012 judge.

Fun Day

Susan Walker has accepted our invitation to repeat as our AKC Canine Good Citizen (CGC) evaluator, as she did in 2010.  Bobby Dorafshar is the featured guest speaker on obedience.

Connie Koehler and M. J. Carr, who are this year’s Fun Day co-chairs, have been investigating both restaurant and gourmet-food-truck catering firms.  M. J. has found a caterer who would make sandwiches for $6.00, with nominal costs for side dishes,  Jerzy Mike’s Catering. More information will follow. M. J. is also working on the flyer, which will be distributed to members and rescue families in September.

2011 Membership roster:

Jackie Whitham sent the new membership roster out to members in July. It is also posted on the website in the Members Only section. There is a new Members Only password:   4scwt2011.

Greeting cards:

Rose Clime (2 cards) and Debbie Bowen were sent condolence cards in memory of their dogs who died recently.

Great Western 2011

Connie Koehler reported that judges’ critiques of GWTA weekend have not yet been received from Kayce Healy, Mike Dougherty or Elaine Nerrie. Geri Kelly sent her report to Connie within two weeks of the show weekend.  According to the judging contract letters, critiques are due within 30 days of the show.

Beverly Streicher reported that the use of wristbands for Hospitality donations was a huge success. Feedback was very positive.

The president said that she received positive comments on the whole weekend. The two hospitality chairs strongly praised the wristbands and how smoothly food service was run. Marilyn Smith suggested to Connie that we charge $5 per day at least next year, as did a judge.

A member suggested that the list of volunteers hosted by the club be shortened, to include only those working Hospitality, as voted at the March general meeting. She asked that this issue be brought up to the board.

Website Development:

Jon Apogée, club webmaster, demonstrated the upgrades he has incorporated into our website this year.  Jon navigated through the home page—including links to AKC and SCWTCA—and pull-down menus, and discussed methods of posting new material, such as Brags, recent show wins, and new litters.  Major enhancements have been made to the Rescue and Members Only sections as well.  Members suggested that disclaimers for health, terms of use and privacy policy be posted; those items were added during the week following the meeting. .

Unfinished Business

B Match:  For a variety of reasons, no entries were received for this year’s B Match. In addition, Tami Herzog, our judge, had a family illness which would have made it difficult for her to travel from Sacramento.

A subsequent discussion explored alternatives to July as the date for future B matches.

Bonney Snyder will check with Los Encinos Kennel Club, which holds its match at Woodley Park in November. Other suggestions included holding our match with that of another club, or to hold it in April. A motion was made and passed that in 2012, the B match will be conducted in the springtime and in collaboration with another club.

GWTA thanks: The president presented a gift to Merrillee Ford, to thank  her for co-chairing this year’s show weekend yet again.  A gift had been given to Karla Cohen at the July board meeting, anticipating her absence at this meeting.

Treasury Reallocation: The board recommended in May that 10% of rescue funds be allocated to the general fund. Several members objected to the board’s recommendation, stating that funds donated to rescue should remain in the rescue fund.  The rescue chair further emphasized that monies stay in rescue because donors want their contributions used specifically for rescue.

The establishment of a Ways and Means Committee for fundraising was suggested as an alternative to transferring funds between the rescue and operating “accounts.”  A motion was made to develop such a committee. Ann Leigh was suggested as the new committee chair; she has subsequently accepted. Bonney Snyder will serve as co-chair.

Connie Koehler and Barbara Zapf both reported that during their respective terms as treasurer, they have analyzed our expenses over the past few years and made recommendations for curtailing expenses.  Our independent tax adviser has also recommended cost-cutting measures as well.  Steve Steging suggested implementing a specific budget for annual operating funds and making it trackable.

A motion was made and passed to develop an operating budget for the year 2012 and track forecast versus actual expenditures.  The 2012 budget will be based on actual income and expenses for 2010 and 2011 as a model; Connie Koehler and Barbara Zapf took the action to begin budget development in September.

Doghair ‘n’ Egg Nog Classic: Connie Koehler reported that she was contacted by Marleta MacFarlane, show coordinator for the December Doghair ‘n’ Eggnog Classic in Long Beach, immediately prior to GWTA.  We had offered rosettes to BOB/BOS/BOW/WD/WB awardees in order to curtail trophy costs; however, Marleta reported that the all-breed clubs are also offering rosettes for those placements, and ours would be redundant.   Members decided in light of cost curtailment to offer affordable trophies to only Best of Breed, Best of Opposite Sex and Best of Winners, not Winners Dog or Winners Bitch. The club will offer sun-catchers by Ted Miyamura for $ 11.00 each, as quoted by Ted.  For our supported entries at Desert Empire Terrier Club of Southern California in January, 2012, the membership also voted to offer suncatchers to the winners of five placements over two days.

New Business:

A nominating committee for the 2012 SCWTCSC Board was selected in July, including Anna Marzolino as chair; Susan Sakauye and Bonney Snyder as members.  Cecily Skinner and Beverly Streicher were selected as alternates.  All members have accepted their assignments.

The president asked if there were any volunteers for membership chair. Jackie Whitham has multiple tasks as secretary and would like to turn over the membership duties. Jeanine Flavell volunteered to be the membership chair.

Through the AKC outreach program, our availability as a major resource for the Wheaten community in southern California will be communicated to new puppy owners.  We will contact AKC and request that all new registrants are provided with our website address.

Membership Involvement:

The president asked for ideas on increasing attendance at meetings, including alternatives to the traditional Tuesday night dates specified in the By-Laws, such as a fixed central location; webcasts; and meetings collocated with dog shows and club events

Jill and Steve Steging commented that during their membership in eastern clubs, many club meetings were held concurrent with dog shows, or immediately after judging at nearby members’ homes.  Jeanine Flavell pointed out that SCWTCNC also holds meetings in conjunction with dog shows.

While the By-Laws state that monthly meetings be held on the third Tuesday of every month except December, there is also a clause that states, “or as scheduled or designated by the Board of Directors.” Thus, another suggested option was holding meetings bi-monthly.

The 2012 calendar will be examined before decisions are made for meeting dates, with consideration given to the solid suggestions made by the membership. We will also continue to combine meetings with events such as Fun Day.

Next meeting: There will be no August meeting. The next meeting is Tuesday, September 20. The guest speaker is Jennifer Lynn, DVM, Advanced Veterinary Care, Pasadena.. A tentative location is the Panda Inn in Pasadena, near Dr. Lynn’s offices.


The meeting was adjourned at approximately 12:30 and the members enjoyed a lovely pot-luck brunch.

Submitted by:

Miriam Kahan  (in absence of secretary)

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