Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier Club

Of Southern California

General Meeting

October 23, 2011


Meeting held at Arcadia Park following our annual Fun Day. Meeting called to order at 2:00 PM

Roll Call

A quorum was present. Regular members attending were Connie Koehler, Cecily Skinner, Bonney Snyder, Ann Leigh, Rose Clime, Beverly Streicher, Ilze Barron, Marilyn Smith, Michael Smith, Lauren Smith, Marven Whitham, Carolyn Filling, Miriam Kahan, Joan Johnson, Victoria Gosnell, Jeanine Flavell, Myrna Flavell, Michael De Carlo, Karla Cohen, Jim Cohen, Jackie Whitham. Associates attending were Linda Fussel, Carol Martin, Debbie Bowen, Laurel Spillane, Rick Spillane, Sandra Lightner, Laura Virant, Conrad Virant. Guests were Delia Vogel, Andrew Vogel, Caroline Hunt, Justin Barron, Hunter.

Minutes of the last meeting
Approved as submitted

Report of the President
See Presidents Report – attached

Connie reported that the Board Meeting held in September was done by telephone conference call and turned out very well.

Report of the Secretary and Membership
No report

Standing Rules
AKC has approved Clubs to hold Board Meetings by Video or Tele – Conferencing. A motion was made and seconded, discussed and approved to create a Standing Rule stating that the membership has approved the Club conducting its Board Meetings by Tele-Conferencing or Video Conferencing.

Second reading and vote that approved Merrillee Ford and Victoria Gosnell as Regular Members.

Report of the Treasurer
No report

Beverly Streicher reports that there were 3 dogs turned in and subsequently placed.

See Presidents Report - attached

Fun Day 2011
See Presidents Report - attached

B Match 2011
See Presidents Report - attached

GWTA 2012 & 2013
Nominations and voting was done for Sunday’s Sweeps judge for 2012. Nominated were Pat Mullen, Denise Cronin Kirby, and Cecily Skinner. Cecily Skinner is the winner and agreed to judge the 2012 Sunday Sweepstakes.

Voting occurred for the 2012 Great Western Specialty judge for Friday. The vote ended up in order,
Joe Walton, Vandra Huber, David Alexander, Betty Ann Stenmark. The President will contact the judges in the above order to ask them to judge Friday 2012.

Voting occurred for the 2013 Great Western Specialty judges for Sunday/Friday. The vote ended up in order, Clay Coady, Cindy Vogels, Judy Daniels, Anne Katona, Richard Powell, Pam Peat, Virginia Latham Smith, Dorothy Mac Donald, Mareth Kipp. The President will contact the judges in the above order to ask them to judge Sunday 2013 and when that position has been accepted the President will then contact the next judge asking them to judge Friday 2013.

SCWTCA Roving Specialty 2012
See Presidents Report - attached

Nominating Committee 2012
The committee submitted the following for the Officers and Board for 2012
President – Connie Koehler
Vice President – Bonney Snyder
Secretary – Jeanine Flavell
Treasurer – Victoria Gosnell
Board Members at Large – Merrillee Ford, Ann Leigh, Anna Marzolino

The President asked for any additional nominations from the floor. There were none. Nominations were closed.

Health Issues
Cecily Skinner reported on the NIH Health Council 10 year study on our Wheatens. It consists of an initial blood sample and the agreement by the owners to participate over 10 years reporting the health etc of their Wheaten.

Doghair ‘n’ Eggnog Classic Potluck
The members will support a Pot Luck at the Sunday December 18, 2011 show immediately following judging.

New business
SCWTCA is initiating a conformation assessment that will be piloted at Palm Springs shows in January 2012. Bonney Snyder is coordinating arrangements with Cindy Vogels for our club, at Cindy’s request.

Meeting adjourned at 2:55 PM

Submitted by:
Jackie Whitham, Secretary

*Report of the President
October, 2011
Connie Koehler

• Fun Day

Final details for Fun Day are as follows:

The event flyer has been e-mailed/surface-mailed to members and adoptive rescue families, and has been posted to the website. Many thanks to Jackie, Bev and Jon Apogee for their timely responses in getting the word out!

L. A. County Parks and Recreation has confirmed our reservation, upon receipt of our check and certificate of insurance.

Ed Reis has volunteered to be our portrait and candid photographer. We have multiple volunteers providing morning hospitality and beverages for lunch. As Barbara is still vacationing in Italy, Bev Streicher will staff the registration desk, and sell raffle tickets—she is also donating a raffle item. Karla will bring soft goods from past GWTAs for merchandise sales.

I am very pleased to report that we have four dogs signed up for the CGC test this year, once again trumping SCWTCA, who only tested three at Montgomery a couple of weeks ago—bravo to our club members!

Let the games begin!

• Fall B Match

The AKC has approved our application for our Nov. 13 B Match, to be held at 1 p.m., following the Los Encinos KC B Match that morning at Woodley Park in Van Nuys. Tami Herzog has reconfirmed her assignment as our B Match judge. Flyers for both matches have been posted on our website, with the link to be mailed to the membership.

• Website Development

Jon Apogee reports that he has completed the PayPal interface for our “Wheaten Wares” online boutique on the website. He has requested that Ann Leigh, Ways and Means chair, and Bonney Snyder, co-chair, assign catalog numbers to each item for sale, and send digital photos of each item to him for posting. Once Ann and Bonney have completed this task, Wheaten Wares will go live with PayPal.

As of October 21, 55 Facebook users have “liked” our website.

• SCWTCA Roving Specialties

Carol Carlson, SCWTCA recording secretary, contacted Karla following national’s board meeting on Oct. 10 in King of Prussia, PA, to inform us that SCWTCA will assume responsibility for judge’s expenses and trophies for Roving 2012. SCWTCA will also solicit funds to support the Roving.

In another communication from Jinx Moore, SCWTCA president, she announced the entire judging slate for Roving specialty/Sweeps and national specialty/Sweeps from 2012 through 2014. The Roving judges have been assigned as follows:

o 2012: Karin Bergbom, Roving; Jon Caliri, Roving Sweepstakes
o 2014: Gay Dunlap, Roving; Bev McDonald, Roving Sweepstakes

At the request of Anna Marzolino, SCWTCA corresponding secretary, we have also submitted our formal bid to become the permanent site for SCWTCA’s Roving specialty and Sweeps, beginning in 2014, and as approved by our membership at the January general meeting. We have been in informal discussions with several SCWTCA board members since that time. No action has been taken by the national board as yet.

October 21, 2011