Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier Club

Of Southern California

General Meeting

December 04, 2011

Meeting held at Long Beach Yacht Club, Long Beach, California. Meeting called to order at 7:30 PM..

Roll Call

A quorum was present. Regular members attending were Connie Koehler, Karla Cohen, Jim Cohen, Jeanine Flavell, M J Carr, Myrna Flavell, Anna Marzolino, Victoria Gosnell, Barbara Zapf, Rose Clime, Cecily Skinner, Ann Leigh, Bonney Snyder, Doug Stewart, Naomi Stewart, Carolyn Filling, Joan Johnson, Mary Lindquist, Susan Sakauye, Jill Steging, Steve Steging, Jackie Whitham. Associates: Dennis Hetherington, Pat Hetherington, Hunter, Debbie Bowen, Kathy Apogee, Jon Apogee, Maurine Stewart, Sandra Lightner, Nancy Mundorf. Guest: John Crawford, June Crawford, Jeff Koehler.

Minutes of the last meeting

Approved as submitted

Report of the President

  • Thank you Karla and Miriam for the planning of our Annual Dinner.
  • Thank you Joan for assisting with the monthly meeting notices
  • Dr. Vandra Huber has accepted the Friday judging assignment for 2012.
  • Clay Coady and Cindy Vogels have accepted the judging assignments for 2013

Some of the accomplishments for 2011 are revamped rescue under Beverly Streicher, Anna Marzolino, and Bonney Snyder. The website has been totally revamped and a sincere thank you to Jon Apogee for all of the hard work! A Ways and Means committee has been formed with Ann Leigh and Bonney Snyder chairing. Free teleconferencing meetings held for the first time for the Board and Committee meetings.

See Presidents Report – attached

Report of the Secretary

No report


Reading of new associate members Francis Liu and Robert Hwe.

Report of the Treasurer
















General Fund





Cash Box












On behalf of Beverly Streicher, who was ill, Jeanine Flavell thanked everyone that helped with rescue this past year. She reported that 14 Wheatens have been rescued so far this year.  Bonney Snyder introduced the Rescue Family of the year, John and Julie Crawford, who happily took 2 Wheatens into their home so as not to break them up, both of the Wheatens being on the mature side.


See Presidents Report - attached

Fun Day 2011

See Presidents Report - attached

B Match 2011

See Presidents Report – attached

GWTA 2012 & 2013

See Presidents Report – attached

SCWTCA Roving Specialty 2012

See Presidents Report – attached

Health Issues

  • Cecily Skinner reported on the NIH Council 10 year study on our Wheatens. It consists of an initial blood sample and the agreement by the owners to participate over 10 years reporting the health etc of their Wheaten.  A sign-up sheet was passed around for volunteers to send their contact information to NIH for study kits.
  • Anna Marzolino spoke about Wheaten Health ornaments available on the website and passed a picture of the ornaments around the room. All proceeds to go to Wheaten Health.

Doghair ‘n’ Eggnog Classic Potluck

The members will support a Pot Luck at the Sunday December 18, 2011 show immediately following judging.

Election of Officers and Board for 2012

Connie stated that the By Laws state the voting is to be done by secret ballot. A motion was made, seconded and approved to allow the Secretary to cast a ballot to approve the new Officers and Board for 2012. The Secretary records the vote has been made for the 2012 slate.

President Connie Koehler
Vice President Bonney Snyder
Secretary Jeanine Flavell
Treasurer Victoria Gosnell
Board Merrillee Ford
Anna Marzolino
Ann Leigh

New Business

SCWTCA is initiating a conformation assessment program (CAP) that will be piloted at the Palm Springs shows on January 6, 2012. Bonney Snyder is coordinating arrangements with Cindy Vogels for our club, at Cindy’s request.

Awards were presented by Cecily Skinner and Connie Koehler in recognition of achievements for 2012.

Club members that achieved a ROM status with their Wheatens were recognized and asked to give a brief description of their dogs.

Miriam Kahan, Ann Leigh, and Bonney Snyder


Meeting adjourned at 8:40 PM

Submitted by:

Jackie Whitham, Secretary

Report of the President

December, 2011

Connie Koehler

  • Fall B Match

I am very pleased to report that we had a lovely day in the park with Los Encinos KC for our B Match on Nov. 13.  For the Los Encinos entry in the morning, Viviana Hetherington was our Wheaten judge, and had an entry of two puppy bitches, Bonney Snyder's five-month-old Jewelee, and Mary Peltier's seven-month-old Mike, handled by Debbie Doll.  Jewelee took BoB.  Tami Herzog judged the Terrier Group.

Our SCWTCSC match in the afternoon, also judged by Tami, was increased by one, Ch. Bonney Nip and Tuckit, who showed splendidly in the veteran class.  Mike won Best in Match.

Robert Scott, the LEKC match coordinator, was very grateful for our participation and invited us to join them again next year.

Many thanks to our two very professional judges; Jeanine as Match Chair; Bonney as Match Secretary; and Bev Streicher as Ring Steward, for making all aspects of the match run like clockwork.  Thanks also go to Miriam, Karla and Jim as our cheering squad from the board.

  • Website Development

Jon Apogee has posted many events and news items this month, including Fun Day photos (most are still in the editing process, due to the huge volume taken by Ed Reis); information on the new AKC therapy dog title; and the new SCWTCA Conformation Assessment Program (CAP) that will be debuted by our club at the Friday DETCSC show.

As of December 3, 63 Facebook users have “liked” our website, and six are “talking about this.”

  • SCWTCSC 2012 and 2013 Specialty Judging Panel Status

Joe Walton, our number-one choice for the Friday 2012 specialty, replied to me last month that he cannot resolve his SCWT judging assignment scheduled in northern California in May of next year.  As a result, I contacted our second vote-getter, Dr. Vandra Huber, who responded immediately that she would love to accept our invitation.  Vandra also told me in a follow-up phone conversation that she will waive her usual judging fee, since our show is a specialty.  Jackie has already prepared and mailed Vandra’s judging contract letter last week.  I have queries into Clay Coady and Cindy Vogels regarding their judging fees for their 2013 assignments.  Once I hear from them, I will pass the information on to Jeanine, so that she can prepare their respective contracts.

  • Supported Entry Trophies Status

Ted Miyamura has mailed the 19 sun-catchers that we ordered from him for our supported entries at the Doghair ‘n’ Eggnog Classic and the Desert Empire Terrier Club of Southern California.  They arrived at my house in fine fettle and are very attractive, with ribbons in the appropriate colors of the placements.

  • Herding

In response to the requests of many club members for a revival of the club’s annual herding event in 2012, I contacted Judy Vanderford last month to schedule a date.  Judy and I are looking at the month of February, which appears to be mutually convenient for Judy’s and our club’s calendars.  We will book a date with her this month, as well as settle upon a format.  Viviana and Ron Hetherington have agreed to co-chair the event.

  • 2011 SCWTCSC Accomplishments
    • Revamping of our rescue process, with new rescue chair (Beverly Streicher) and two co-chairs (Anna Marzolino and Jeanine Flavell), plus the establishment of a regional network of club volunteers
    • Website upgrade development and implementation by Jon Apogee, webmaster, with the assistance of Kathy Apogee, Joan Johnson, Carolyn Filling and Connie Koehler
    • Successful piloting of free teleconferencing for board meetings and other committee meetings; subsequent standing rule change to allow same
    • Events
      • Pet Expo
      • Another fabulously successful GWTA weekend
      • Fun Day, with guest speaker Bobby Dorafshar and CGC evaluator Susan Walker
      • Annual B Match, concurrently held with Los Encinos KC and judged by Tami Herzog of SCWTCNC
      • Two guest speakers on veterinary medical topics—Drs. Jean Dodds and Jennifer Lynn—at our general meetings


    January 3, 2012