Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier Club

Of Southern California

General Meeting

July 20, 2014

The meeting was held in the Common room at the town home complex of Debbie Bowen at 23402 Princeville, Mission Viejo, California.

The meeting was called to order at 12:30 p.m.

Roll Call

A quorum was present. Attending were Kay Baird, Rose Clime, Tom and Diane Coffin, Kathy, Ben, and Erin Fawley, Caroline Filling, Jeanine Flavell, Caroline Goldberg, Victoria Gosnell, Joan Johnson, Miriam Kahan, Connie Koehler, Ann Leigh, Sandra Lightner, Mary Lindquist, Cecily Skinner, Bonney Snyder, Steve Steging, Beverly Streicher, and Conrad and Laura Virant (all regular members):, Debbie Bowen, Rich and Ellen Huberman, Cathy Kelley, Maurine Stuart, and Karen and Todd Young(associate members): and Shari Boyd (a guest)

Minutes of the May General Meeting

Approved as submitted.

Report of the President

Bonney Snyder thanked everyone who participated in helping the SCWTCSC to host Great Western 2014. Bonney especially thanked Ann Leigh for chairing Great Western. Great Western 2013 went well, but with now having the experience of a second year, the Great Western weekend was hugely successful. It requires an enormous amount of time and work to realize a successful Specialty weekend.

Report of the Secretary

Ellen Voss sent a thank you card to the club for inviting her to judge Great Western sweepstakes. She wrote that she felt the invitation was an honor, and that she had had a lovely time. Genie Cline thanked us for our warm hospitality during her visit to Southern California to judge the National Roving Sweepstakes.

John Low contacted me expressing his hopes that the SCWTCSC would support Thursday and Friday of the Desert Empire Terrier Specialty. I explained that historically our local club has supported Thursday, with the National Club supporting Friday. He will follow up with a formal request to both soon.

Helen Fragula has asked us to support the 2015 Wheaten Calendar produced by SCWTA, and to donate $50.00.

Report of the Treasurer

Jackie Whitham was on vacation, and unable to attend this meeting.

Rescue Report

Rescue had two Wheatens in rescue this month, an eight year old female and a five year ofd male, whose rehoming was complicated by their both being dog aggressive. Placing the female in Northern California was a major effort involving a number of SCWTCSC members who banded together to form a daisy chain of drivers to transport her to the San Francisco area, were her adoption had been arranged by Susan Solsby.

Connie Koehler is now the Legislative Liaison for the Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier Club of America. She has been monitoring the current mandatory spay-neuter movement in Pasadena, and will keep the Club appraised of future developments.

Great Western Report

Like raising a child, the Specialty took a village to achieve. In summary, Ann said that she was pooped, but happy. Ann passed out gifts to her Committee heads, and thanked Laura Virant, Kathy Apogee, Leslie DeMattia, Connie Koehler, Steve Steging, Kay Baird, Miriam Kahan, Beverly Streicher, Mike Smith, Bonney Snyder, and Jeanine Flavell.

Beverly thanked everyone for their contributions to the raffle, and said that she has learned that it does take a year to produce the raffle.

Ann announced that Lesley DeMattia has agreed to join Ann as a show co-chair next year.

Fun Day

The Los Encinos All Breed Club have been dragging their feet about setting a date for their B-Match this year. Therefore, Bonney is recommending that our Club partner instead with the Beverly Hills Kennel Club. Beverly Hills has schedualed their B-Match on November 9th at Woodley Park. Our own B-Match will be in the morning and Beverly Hills will be in the afternoon. Beverly volunteered to chair the Fun Day and B-Match, Miriam will ring steward, and Sherry Boyd will judge the match for us.

A motion was made not to hold a General Meeting in August. The motion was seconded, and passed.

Speaker Sherry Boyd

Sherry announced that she was looking forward to being located in Southern California in the near future. Until then, she will remain based in Arizona. She is currently working on developing a seminar, to be held during the Portland, Oregon shows in January. Sherry will now be available for consultation, show and pet grooming, litter evaluations, and handling lessons, etc.

Great Western Theme 2015

Suggestions for the Great Western theme next year are: Life’s a Beach, Up, Up, and Away, and Gold Rush.

Bonney asked the members to start thinking about nominees for Great Western Sweepstakes judge for 2014. The nominees will be voted on at Fun Day.

A motion to adjourn was made, seconded, and passed. The meeting was adjourned at 1:30 p.m.

Jeanine Flavell
Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier Club of Southern California