Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier Club

Of Southern California

General Meeting

October 21, 2012

The meeting was held at Gabrielino County Park, in Lake View Terrace, California.

The meeting was called to order at 1:00 p.m.

Roll Call:

A quorum was present. Attending were Rose Clime, Jeanine Flavell, Caroline Goldberg, Barbara Goldie, Vickie Gosnell, Miriam Kahan, Connie Koehler, Ann Leigh, Marilyn Smith, Lauren Smith, Doug and Naomi Stewart, Bonney Snyder, and Beverly Streicher, (all regular members): Debbie Bowen, Richard and Alison Crutchfield, Linda Fussel, Donna and Kevin O’Connor, Sandra Lightner, Mary Lindquist, Conrad Vibrant and Laura Vibrant (associate members). Kay Baird was a guest, attending her second meeting. Our other guests were Gay Dunlap attending her first meeting, George P. O’Hagan, Susan Robinson, Olga Solares, and Doug Stewart Jr.

Minutes of the September meeting:

Approved as submitted.

Report of the President:

Karla Cohen and Merrillee Ford have announced their retirement as Great Western Co-chairs. Connie thanked them for the wonderful work that they did; their efforts had a great deal to do with making Great Western the exceptional, destination show it is.

Report of the Secretary:

The suggestions for the Great Western 2013 theme need to be received by Jeanine Flavell by mid-November. As of now, I have received about a dozen entries.

Report of the Treasurer:

Category Beginning Balance Income Expenses Ending Balance
Rescue   $27,375.21        $0.00    $ 425.80 $27,375.211
General Fund   $ 6,034.72    $710.74   $1,638.92   $5,106.55
Sub Total       $33,409.93      $32,481.76
Cash Box       $250.00      $250.00
Total   $33,659.93    $710.75   $1,638.92 $32,731.76

There are three uncleared checks for a total of $233.40.

Report of the Rescue Chair:

Beverly and her team were called upon to assess a number of dogs to determine whether or not they were Wheatens. In all cases it was decided that they were not purebred Wheatens. Laura and Conrad Virant were particularly helpful this last month, visiting several dogs.

Ways and Means Committee 

Our boutique sales are off to a strong start. Molly O’Connell was our first customer using Pay Pal. We sold an additional eight vests at Fun Day, and have sold six mugs, and two salt and peppershakers. Laura Virant may add her Wheaten “stuffies” to the website.


Jackie Whitham has received an additional two checks from new associate members.

Greeting Cards:

Miriam Kahan sent out two cards this month, to Anna Marzolino on the passing of her mother, and a get-well card to Norma Wilson, who had been in the hospital.

Great Western 2013

Connie and Bonney have been filling the slots for committee chairs; Karla is doing trophies, Anna will do advertizing again, Kathy Apogee will handle our Saturday dinner, and Connie and Beverly will do the raffle. We need a lunch chairperson. Lunches will probably be a box lunch from Panera Bread, similar to those offered at Montgomery. Ann will call the Panera in Long Beach to see if they will offer the four sandwich choices available in King of Prussia, and to check the costs. The choices were ham, roast beef, turkey, and a vegetarian option. Connie and Dave will make the labels for the purchasers’ names.

We still need a chairman for Great Western; it could be two people working together as a team.

Unfinished Business

Vickie and Connie have nearly finished the long process of reexamining and reassessing our policies to fit them to our evolving requirements. Only one policy still needs to be bundled.

Annual Holiday and Installation Dinner and Club Meeting

It will be held at the Long Beach Yacht Club again this year. Miriam is the chair. Our website has a link to the form for the awards categories. The completed forms should be returned to Cecily Skinner.

SCWTCSC Slate of Officers and Directors for 2012

Jeanine sent out the slate of next year’s officers and directors September 29th. To repeat:

President Bonney Snyder
Vice-President Steve Steging
Treasurer Vickie Gosnell
Secretary Jeanine Flavell
Directors Miriam Kahan, Ann Leigh, and Cecily Skinner

The nominations for the 2013 SCWTCSC Board of Directors have been closed. Jeanine Flavell will cast the final vote at the Annual Dinner, December 2, 2012.

Nominations for Great Western 2014

The National Club has chosen Gay Dunlap to judge the Roving Specialty in 2014. We needed to vote to select a second judge as well as a sweepstakes judge. The result of today’s vote was, in order of greatest number of votes cast:

Anne Katona
Virginia Latham Smith
Karen Wilson and Connie Clark in a tie for third place


Tami Herzog was selected by the membership as our judge. Jana Carraway was second.


We will soon need to decide whether we want to have another workshop, or an AKC event. The concern is that to achieve an AKC certification, the participating Wheatens must execute a controlled start, as well as a controlled stop. In either case, we must nail down a date soon before Judy Vanderford’s calendar fills up.

A motion to adjourn was made, seconded, and passed. The meeting was adjourned at 2:40 p.m.

Jeanine Flavell


Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier Club of Southern California