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The list of published literature on all things canine is exhaustive and cannot be replicated on this website.  However, we offer the following bibliography as the basis to build a library for any Wheaten household.  Virtually all titles listed—and many more—are available through most online booksellers.  Your comments and addenda are very welcome!

The Breed

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-- The Complete Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier.  New York:  Howell Book House, 1991.



Cummins, Bryan, Ph.D.  The Terriers of Scotland and Ireland:  Their History and Development.  Phoenix:  Doral Publishing, 2003.

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Breeding and Genetics

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Conformation and Exhibiting

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Leach, Lynn.  An Introduction to All Breed Herding (video).  Downriver Productions:

-- All Breed Herding:  The Next Steps (video).  Downriver Productions:

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Performance Sports and Training

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Volhard, Jack and Wendy.  The Canine Good Citizen:  Every Dog Can Be One.  New York:  Howell Book House, 1997.


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