Wheaten Family of the Month

Sophie & Winston

Introducing our inaugural Wheaten Family Of The Month, Sophie & Winston, owned and loved by Conrad & Laura Virant.

Our Wonderful Wheaten Family...

Laura & Conrad Virant with their Wheatens Winston & SophieConrad and I feel so blessed that on July 5th 2008, our lives were changed forever. After years of trying to have children, and finally accepting it wasn't going to happen, a little precious miracle happened. We found a beautiful Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier puppy, we named Sophie. Little did we know, she would enrich our lives and family so much! Sophie was such a wonderful addition to our lives, that we wanted to expand our family again. Thankfully, we found Winston two years later through our wonderful breeder. At this time, we were introduced to and began to be involved in the SCWTCSC. So many activities to participate in and have fun with our Wheatens. We were introduced to the American Pet Expo, Herding Events, Grooming Events, Wheaten Fun Days, Rescue and going to Dog Shows.

Conrad Virant with Wheatens Sophie & WinstonSophie and Winston mean the world to us, and we try to involve them in every aspect of our lives. We even plan vacations that they can come with us. They love going to the beach frolicking in the waves but they love, love, love hiking in our local mountains. Every Saturday morning, we host Wheaten Play date, where their Wheaten friends come over and they play for two hours. Boy, do those two hours fly! We have them participate in multiple days in our club Pet Expo booth. At Wheaten Fun Day they participate in all the games and dress up for the costume parade. We have fully embraced this Wonderful World of Wheatens and truly feel that our family has grown, not only by Sophie and Winston, but by the lasting friendships we have made along the way.

-Laura Virant