Please forgive this mom’s “gushing”... allow me to introduce my wonderful Max from the Starlight Kennels (Breeder: Ann Leigh).
Max is truly a Super Senior Dog!

At 13 years old, Max is still visiting as a certified Animal Assisted Therapy dog at hospitals and retirement homes in Los Angeles County with Love On 4 Paws ( His photo is on the website as a volunteer.

Max the dog, with a patient

A few weeks ago, he made about a half dozen patients very happy while visiting the Southern CA Hospital of Culver City (the old Brotman Memorial). To explain: Max has become such a little prince (and Knight, of course) and no longer jumps up on anything. He prefers his little step stool or, even better, he puts up his front legs and gets a lift from underneath by mom. But jump? Never! EXCEPT, when we walked into a patient’s room, I slipped a linen over the chair, and before I could say a word, Max jumped up and turned just right to be petted by the patient. He also sat there without moving while I took a photo to be left for the patient (similar to a Polaroid shot). Once the visit ended, he hoped off as if he wasn’t a day over seven. I’m so proud that he is one of ours. After all, in the beginning, without the warm and caring members of the SCWTCSC, I would have been another soul wandering in the world where Wheatens run everything.

-Carole Aragon