22nd Annual Wheaten Fun Day

Autumn is in the air! Our Wheatens and their families gathered together for our SCWTCSC Wheaten Fun Day 2016! Fun games, adorable costumes.. good times shared by all!

Thanks to all who participated in the games and costume contests!

You are all winners...just for joining in YOU made the day FUN!

  • Championship for the Biggest Female Wheaten Nose - Babbet
  • Championship for the Biggest Male Wheaten Nose - Coupe
  • Championship for the Oldest Male - Josh
  • Championship for the Oldest Female - Rachel and Fergie
  • Championship for the Youngest Male - Fynn
  • Championship for the Youngest Female - Tarra
  • Championship for the Longest Male Tail - Winston
  • Championship for the Longest Female Tail - Jezebel
  • Championship for the Shortest Female Tail - Zoey
  • Championship for the Shortest Male Tail -Raegan
  • Championship for Musical Spots - Chloe and Linda
  • Championship for Fashion Runway Race - 1st Lily & Roberta, 2nd Chloe and Linda, 3rd Cieara and Paul

Costume Parade 2016

  • Best Team - Rosie & Casper
  • Best Killer Bee - Baxter
  • Best Out of This World - Ripley
  • Best Automobile Drive & Name Tie In - Race
  • Best Scary Character with a Companion Costume - Cieara & Allison
  • Best Mythical Creature - Teddy
  • Best Winged Creature - Madison
  • Best Story Book Character - Mac Kenzie
  • Best Insect - London
  • Best Comic Book Heroine - Logan
  • Best Super Heroine - Lexie
  • Best Government Worker - Mari & Phoebe

This was an unbelievable great group of costumes!