Thanks to all who participated in the games and costume contests!

You are all winners...just for joining in YOU made the day FUN!

  • Championship for the Biggest Female Wheaten Nose - Ella
  • Championship for the Biggest Male Wheaten Nose - Bruce
  • Championship for the Longest Male Tail - Viking
  • Championship for the Longest Female Tail - Sadie
  • Championship for the Shortest Female Tail - Logan
  • Championship for the Shortest Male Tail - Elliot
  • Championship for the Male Waggiest Tail - Baxter
  • Championship for the Female Waggiest Tail - Kira
  • Champion for Oh You Smooth Walker! - Phoebe
  • Championship for Musical Spots - Orla & Phoebe
  • Championship for Fashion Runway Race - Phoebe & Ellie

Fawleys, thank you for the great music!

Costume Parade 2021

  • Best Vignette – Orla as a S’More with her Campfire and Picnic Blanket
  • Best Mythical Pair – Couper & Darla, Merman & Mermaid
  • Best Tasty Treat – Whitney, the Gumball Machine
  • Best Game/Puzzle – Shubert as a Rubik (Rubin) Cube
  • Best Heavenly – Ellie, who really is an actual Angel & just slightly mischievous
  • Best Egyptian Artifact – Tut Teddy
  • Best Team Mascot – Mari, LA Kings Bailey
  • Best Animal – Sylvie as a Skunk
  • Best Automobile – Cooper as a Mini Cooper
  • Best Scary Character – Raegen as an Alligator
  • Best Winged Creature - Bella, the Social Butterfly
  • Best Handyman – Devlyn, the Master Carpenter
  • Best Cute – Cieara as Sassy Girl
  • Best Feathered Creature – Phoebe as a Peacock
  • Best Hawaiian – Bruce, Mahalo Man
  • Best Insect – London, the Bumblebee
  • Best Comic Book Heroine - Logan, Wonder Woman
  • Best Literary Character – Ella, Cruella Deville
  • Best Government Worker – Addie as a Faithful Postal Carrier
  • Best Use of Netting – Susie, Lead Ballerina at the SCWTCSC Ballet
  • Best Delicious – Baxter as a Lobster delicious even without butter!
  • Best Drive Thru – Reggie representing In-N-Out Burger
  • Best Little Devil - Viking

FIRST PLACE - Shubert as a Rubik (Rubin) Cube
SECOND PLACE - Ella as Cruella Deville
THIRD PLACE - Cooper as a Mini Cooper

Special Thanks to our Judges, Adam & Elaine! They had a really tough job.
This was an unbelievable great group of costumes!