Puppy and Dog Wheatens

Puppy and Dog Wheatens

The wheaten terrier temperament is a unique combination of a working dog's steadiness and the terrier alertness & intelligence. Wheatens are lively and affectionate, and they retain their puppy-like exuberance for their entire life. Wheatens are medium- to high-energy, but are extremely adaptable. They can do well in the city or the country so long as their daily exercise needs are met and their desire to socialize with people is satisfied.

Most wheatens will give an alarm bark if strangers approach, but this fun-loving breed will instantly befriend any new person they meet. Wheatens love to jump and will chase almost anything that moves, so leash-pulling becomes a very common issue with the breed. Like many terriers, wheatens are smart and learn quickly, but they also have a mind of their own and can be stubborn when given commands they do not wish to follow immediately. Consistent, firm discipline will help a wheaten establish his place in the family, but be aware that harsh treatment may break his high spirits. Work, time and dedication is necessary to train these headstrong dogs.

Wheatens and children can mix well so long as the child is considerate and well-behaved. But a wheaten's energy and activity may overwhelm smaller children. Because wheatens require much time and attention, families with infants and pre-schoolers may do well to wait for a few years before welcoming a wheaten into their life.

While wheatens do require time and energy for training and grooming, any wheaten owner will tell you what a joy a wheaten can be. With all his affection and loyalty, a wheaten's happy-go-lucky attitude is infectious! (Source: Wheatendog.com)

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